Oral surgery Danbury

The Process of Oral Surgery in Danbury

The removal of wisdom teeth can be performed by a dentist in the dentist office and it can usually be done in one office visit. Another option for wisdom tooth removal is to have the procedure done by an oral or maxillofacial surgeon at an oral surgery clinic or at a hospital. This option may be necessary if you are getting multiple wisdom teeth pulled and there is concern for complications. No matter what the option, your dentist will conduct a thorough consultation to find the best options for your oral surgery procedure in Danbury.

Your dentist will screen for possible complications before oral surgery Danbury

Before your dentist, oral surgeon or maxillofacial surgeon perform any wisdom tooth extraction, they will perform a comprehensive screening and examination to see the extent of damage, impaction or infection. Additionally, the overall health of your remaining teeth will be examined as well as your jaw and gums. If there is the presence of infection in the tooth or gums, oral surgery Danbury will not take place until the infection has been cleared. Your dentist or surgeon will prescribe antibiotics and schedule follow-up appointments to see if the infection is cleared. Once any infections or other health concerns have been properly addressed, the surgical process can begin.

What happens with teeth are removed with oral surgery Danbury

During oral surgery Danbury, your dentist or oral surgeon will first place you under anesthetic and ensure that you are comfortable. The process of wisdom tooth extraction involves opening up the gum tissue over the affected tooth and taking out any bone that may be covering that tooth. The tissue that is connecting the tooth is then separated so the tooth can finally be removed. If needed, the dentist or oral surgeon will have to cut the bone surrounding the tooth into several smaller pieces so the tooth can be removed easily and without causing further complications.

What are the steps immediately taken after oral surgery in Danbury?

Once the surgical procedure has been completed, you may need to have stitches depending on the size of tooth removed. Oftentimes many dentists or oral surgeons will use a dissolvable type of stitching system that will eventually liquefy after a few days. Another options is the use of traditional stitches that will require a follow-up appointment to have them removed and the surgical area checked for health. In order to stop the bleeding, you will have a folded cotton gauze pad put in place and will be given extra pads to help stop any additional bleeding that may occur.

Your health and well-being is top priority with oral surgery Danbury

When you undergo oral surgery procedures in Danbury, your dentist’s top priority is your overall health and safety. By completion a comprehensive check-up and examination, your dentist will find the best course of action and will make the proper referrals if warranted. The entire procedure will be thoroughly explained to you so you are completely aware of what will happen before, during and after oral surgery. With years of experience and professionalism, you are in good hands with your dentist.