Injectable Fillers Post op Instructions

Swelling is normal following your treatment with injectable fillers and may last for several days. Temporary lumpiness or asymmetry may also be present and should resolve with time. We recommend you apply an intermittent ice pack for the first few hours following your injection. During the first three days, do not massage the area and try to minimize movement of the area.


Some people may experience bruising following their treatment with injectable fillers. Bruising is more common in patients who use aspirin, ibuprofen, and vitamin E, or many other herbal supplements. Bruising resolves in a few days and may be covered up with makeup on the morning following your injection.


Moderate pain, tenderness, and redness are also normal for a few days following your injection. To reduce the possibility of swelling, avoid salty foods, alcohol and exercise on the day of your treatment. Swelling may increase on the second or third day before it resolves.


If there is a visible lump or bump in the area of your injectable filler several

days following treatment, you may massage the area to distribute the injectable filler. If there is a lump that you can feel, but not see, do not manipulate as this is normal. Most bumps, if present, will resolve in the first week following treatment. Many patients will require more than one treatment for optimal results.


Aspirin, vitamin E, ibuprofen, and many other herbal supplements may

contribute to bruising and swelling. We recommend that patients

discontinue these medications for two weeks prior to the procedure

with consent of the prescribing physician. Treatment may still be done

despite taking these medications, but patients should expect an

increased chance of bruising or swelling.


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