Child Continuation Care

As your dental health care providers, we are prescribing a 6 month continuing care appointment for your child.

Keeping these regular appointments ensures that any dental problems are detected early. It permits us to treat cavities before they become large and cause pain. In addition, problems with crowded teeth or poor tooth alignment and jaw formation can be addressed early so that permanent teeth are not needlessly lost.

At these continuing care appointments, we not only clean, floss, and polish your child’s teeth, we also treat the teeth to a cavity fighting fluoride treatment and do a thorough exam. Part of this exam includes annual bitewing x-rays to help us better detect cavities and keep an eye on developing permanent teeth.

Child Dental Care Tips

We highly recommend that sealants be placed on the chewing surfaces of the permanent molars before they decay. They should be placed soon after these teeth appear above the gums, so please ask about sealants for your child’s teeth.

As a parent, you also play an important role in your child’s dental health. Make sure your child is following the daily routine listed below

  1. A nutritious low sugar diet
  2. Brushing after each meal
  3. Flossing daily

If your child had difficulty flossing or brushing you can to this for him or her. By keeping the recommended continuing care schedule and following the homecare instructions that you have been given, your child can have healthy teeth for a lifetime.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 203-746-1200