Cleaning At The Dentist: Danbury Patients Enjoy Better Oral Health

Cleaning Teeth - DentistThere’s nothing quite like that just-cleaned feeling as you walk out of the dentist; Fairfield County patients often describe it as a squeaky-clean “new teeth” feeling that can last for days. But more than just feeling clean, there are significant dental health benefits to a thorough cleaning at the dentist’s office — and there are a variety of procedures that can take the notion of a “deep down clean” to new levels.

The most common cleaning procedure removes plaque (as well as any bacteria and food deposits that might be there) on the visible part of each tooth, known as the crown. If your dental professional finds evidence to suggest its needed, they’ll also start cleaning just below the gum line — a procedure dentists call “scaling” using either a traditional curette tool or an ultrasonic device that uses water. If an even deeper cleaning is indicated, usually as a result of advanced forms of periodontal disease, a dentist (or periodontist) will start a procedure called root planing.

Finally, most offices will finish up with polishing. This procedure is done usually by applying a tooth polishing paste onto each tooth with a small rubber cup that spins on the end of a motorized tool; the paste works into the teeth and tends to remove surface staining. This is the part of the visit that most patients associate with the “new teeth” feeling, because it’s such a pleasant experience and does such a good job smoothing the surface of teeth. It’s not just for looks, however; the end result leaves behind teeth that are easier to keep clean at home.

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