Gum Disease Can Harm More Than Your Gums and Teeth

Gum disease can really wreak havoc on your gums, teeth and even the underlying bone. But did you know that advanced gum disease can also cause serious systemic health problems? Gum inflammation or gingivitis occurs when bacteria plaque collects on the teeth and is caused by inadequate oral health care. Gingivitis can worsen into gum […]

5 Ways You’re Worsening Your Gum Disease

Gum disease has multiple stages. First, it starts off as gingivitis, and usually doesn’t need professional attention and can be treated by brushing at least twice a day and flossing after every meal. If it progresses to periodontitis, it means that the gingivitis has progressed and you need to ask your dentist about treatment options. […]

Top Genetically Linked Dental Issues

If you look at your smile, you can probably recognize its similarity to someone in your family. You may have your mother’s smile or the same crooked tooth as your sibling or whatnot. Although most dental research indicates that oral health and hygiene is mostly up to you and your habits, there are genetic oral […]

Top 4 Winter Dental Issues

The winter can be a difficult time because of the cold temperatures (although this year hasn’t been too bad so far). Here are a few dental and mouth issues that we see more of in the winter.   Dry Mouth – The winter means that your body in general will be more dry than in […]

Diabetes and Your Oral Health

It’s diabetes awareness month! Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States however many cases are undiagnosed which means it could be a factor in millions of more deaths. Over 1.5 million people, mostly adults, are newly diagnosed each year. Most of these diagnoses can be prevented if people just eat […]

Periodontal Dentistry: New Fairfield Practice Explains Risk Factors

When it comes to periodontal disease — what is commonly referred to as gum disease — New Fairfield patients should know there are several factors that contribute to one’s overall risk. Recognizing that gum disease ranges from simple red or inflamed tissues to tooth loss and internal bone damage, knowing those risk factors can mean […]

Advice On Gum Disease From The Family Dentist Danbury Trusts Most

When it comes to so-called “hot topics” in dentistry, Danbury dental professionals like to talk early and often to their patients about gingivitis, a.k.a. gum disease. A common misconception about gingivitis and gum disease Danbury patients hold is that it’s the same thing as periodontitis, a more serious condition that is related but treated differently. […]